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Your Trusted Tree Trimming Services in Nampa ID

Your Trusted Tree Trimming Services in Nampa ID


#1 Tree trimming service provider in Nampa Idaho

Our experienced team is devoted to quality

We care about our community and the people that live here

We have been part of the community in Nampa for over 20 years and we have over 18 years of landscaping know-how. Our professional team is committed to keeping our hometown beautiful, and we work hard to achieve that!

We proudly offer our services to Nampa, Id, Boise Id, Meridian Id, Caldwell Id, and all of the surrounding Treasure Valley areas.

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Our business background in landscaping and hardscaping naturally leads us into tree care as well.
Keeping the trees within your landscape happy and healthy is essential for maintaining an enjoyable backyard space and we're the experts that can help you with just that!

City of Trees

Boise Idaho is known as the City of Trees, and that means almost everyone in our area has at least one tree in their yard, if not many more.

Tree care for longevity

Keeping your trees trimmed and cared for has many benefits. With proper trimming, you can impact how a tree will grow. A well-trimmed tree will last much longer than one permitted to grow however it wants, and its appearance will be far better!


Tree Services with you in mind

Protect your family

Another important reason to have your trees professionally trimmed is safety. Not only your safety during the trimming process but also to keep your tree well cared for so it doesn't lose limbs unexpectedly.

We offer tree removal because we know home and property damage from falling limbs is all too common with trees that haven't been properly pruned.

Preparing for inclement weather with tree services

Preparing for inclement weather with tree services

Protect your home and property with tree care

Here in Nampa ID, and surrounding areas we often experience serious weather patterns, especially in the spring and fall. These storms often result in tree damage - much of this irreversible damage is preventable with properly cared for trees.

Tree trimming in Nampa Id

Tree trimming in Nampa Id

Tree care or Tree removal - we're here for you!

Our professional team is well trained in the art of tree care and customer satisfaction - we can come to you and we offer several different tree-specific services such as tree cutting service, tree trimming, pruning, tree removal, landscape planning, and maintenance.

Routine maintenance of your trees allows for bringing problems to light - such as cracked branches or an insect infestation problem before they become major issues.

With our business - quality comes first

More than just tree service

We pride ourselves on quality customer service, attention to detail, and fair pricing - we care about our customers.We are more than happy to offer a free estimate for tree trimming services in Nampa Id, as well as all our other professional landscaping, hardscaping, and sprinkler repair services.No matter what your outdoor project is - it's our company mission to offer quality service to our customers in Nampa Id, Caldwell Id, Meridian Id, Boise Id, Kuna Id, Eagle Id, and Star Id. Call us today to book a service appointment!

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